Lisa Marie McNeill

Voice Artist, Vocalist, Author


For as long as I can remember i have always been fascinated by the rich, varied tones, accents, effects, and quite honestly, the power of vocal expression.  Even in elementary school, home for me, was; hearing my mother read every night, her voice changing with each character; performing in oratory competitions, I won with, "The Pirate Don Dirk of Dowdee"; and good ole spelling bees.  In high school, I was absolutely honored to win a speech writing contest and deliver the senior speech to our graduating class. Through faith, I am driven by Proverbs 18:21, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue."   So it is my goal, every time I use my voice, to inspire, encourage, entertain,  and educate those who hear.  Plus, I'm a sucker for making people laugh.  

As a vocalist, children's book author, event host, and panel moderator, I have been blessed with many opportunities to do all of those things.  Once I got a taste of lending my voice to studio recorded announcements, training, and welcome videos,  my passion to pursue voice work on a more professional level was fueled.  I've had the very cool privilege of voiceover training with professional voiceover artist, Della Cole, founder of yourACT Studios, and guest voice training and critique from Jeffrey Umberger, with the Umberger Agency. I'm so thrilled you stopped by the site, for a visit.  So please. Listen.  Enjoy. Collaborate.  Thanks.

Lisa M